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Frequently Asked Questions

"I've never used a computer. How difficult is it to learn?"
The UBIC System is a single key press, menu driven program which prompts you step by step. No computer experience is necessary, and if you have any questions, you can call us.

"Does it tell me if I have new and used copies in stock?"

Yes, the UBIC System keeps track of new and used inventory separately but on the same record. This keeps you apprised of the history of activity on both your new and used inventory as well as what is presently in stock.

"Do I have to put in all the title information for all the books in the store?"
No, the UBIC System has a database of ~150,000 paperback and hardcover fiction titles, plus we update it monthly by subscription. Unlike many systems that do not come with a database, you need only enter the quantity of each you have in stock.

"Does it use a barcode scanner?"
Yes, the UBIC System works off the EAN barcode usually located inside the front cover of most paperbacks. It is easily identifiable by the first three digits which always begin with “978".

"What if the book doesn't have a barcode or ISBN?"
No problem, the UBIC System can print one for you. It can also generate a barcode for each book which doesn't have an ISBN.

"Can it keep track of the books my customers want?"
Yes. The UBIC System has a Reserve feature which alerts you when the book comes in that it is on reserve, how many people have reserved it new or used, and the date reserved.

"Does it keep track of customer credit?"
Yes, the UBIC System calculates the customer credit as books are traded in, adds the new amount to the previous balance, and subtracts credit used for purchase. Each customer transaction is recorded so you can view their credit history.

"Can I export books to the Web?"                                              Yes.  The UBIC System has a variety of Web export criteria features.

"Is UBIC EAN-13 compatible?"                                           Yes.  The UBIC System will store the 13 digit EAN, it will also convert all of your present ISBN's to the current "978" EAN format.