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Purchasing the UBIC System


How Much Does It Cost?

The UBIC System, like any good investment grows in value over time. Most people, when they invest in an inventory system are looking for three things:

  1. The best quality
  2. The most reliable support
  3. The lowest price

In reality, though, you cannot expect to find all three in the same product. The question you need to ask yourself is which of the three, best quality, most reliable support, or lowest price is the least important to you.

Before you ask the price, the first question you should ask is, "How much is it costing you not to have the UBIC System?

  • Are you giving your customers credit for inventory you don’t need?
  • Do you have books on your shelves that are not selling?
  • How often do you miss a sale because you didn’t know a book was in stock or where it was located?
  • How often have you missed saving a book for a customer because they requested it so long ago or someone else on your staff took the request?
  • Do you offer books to your customers for rental and can you keep track of them?
  • Do you know on a daily basis how much credit your customers earned and used? What books they have read or would like to?
  • Do your customers realize how much they are saving when they buy books at your store?
  • Do you know what books need to be restocked at the end of the day?
  • Do you know when you have sold the last copy of a new book?
  • Do you know how many used books were traded in and taken out each day?

All of these features either increase sales or reduce expenses. If your store is open an average of 50 hours a week, your hourly investment is less than $2.25 for one year. Can you afford an employee that costs $2.25 an hour and does all the things the UBIC System can do for you?

You’ve chosen the UBIC System for your business. That part was easy. Now comes the big question.


"How do I pay for it?"

Just as we have developed flexibility in the UBIC System to meet your needs, we have done the same with our pricing of the UBIC System. We offer three different options.

OPTION 1 - Pay As You Go

A monthly subscription that continues as long as you use the UBIC System. It includes telephone and e-mail tech support, the monthly database update, and future upgrades to the UBIC System. Initial $500 set-up fee for single user ( multi-user is an additional $695) plus hardware and a monthly service fee (applied to your credit card each month). The monthly fee ranges between $175 and $225 based on your commitment:

  • 1 year commitment - $175/month
  • 6 month commitment -$200/month
  • 3 month commitment - $225/month
OPTION 2 - Outright Purchase

The most economical way to invest in the UBIC System. A one-time investment of $5,500 purchases a single-user License Agreement for your store for as long as you own it. The license can be transferred for a small fee if you sell the store and it remains with the business. Monthly updates to the database are optional. Annual subscription is $300 or $27.50 a month. Telephone tech and e-mail tech support included. Program upgrades are discounted to existing users. 10% discount on standard hardware package (laser barcode reader, receipt printer, cash drawer). Checks and major credit cards accepted.

OPTION 3 - Finance Plan

This is a License Agreement for a single user version of the UBIC System. It includes the laser barcode reader, receipt printer, and cash drawer. Multi-user upgrade, initial inventory program, and any other hardware are optional at additional charge. Monthly database updates are required. Telephone and e-mail tech support included. Program upgrades are discounted to existing users.

  • $2,500 initial down payment
  • 24 monthly payments of $208.50
  • Includes monthly database updates (2 years)

UBIC System Pricing


UBIC System
Complete point-of-sale program & database

Multi-User Upgrade
More than one computer using the data

Inventory Program (requires UBIC System)
(used with CS-1504 - see below)

Monthly Updates
Monthly updates to inventory database
Program Modifications (1 hour minimum)
Any modifications not included in the program



Laser Barcode Reader $275.00
CS1504 Data Collector $195.00
Receipt Printer $375.00
Cash Drawer $295.00
Cognitive Barcode Label Printer $450.00
Cognitive Barcode Labels (20,100 labels) $120.00