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The UBIC System

Extreme care in the development of the UBIC System, makes it a user friendly program. The database lists records by author, title, series name and number, or keyword. UBIC becomes your inventory manager providing virtual information on what is in stock, what books to accept or refuse, what books are on reserve, plus a printout of all daily activity. Point-of-Sale adds the features of a cash register and maintains customer credit.  Web export utilities assists you in selecting inventory to export to the Web.


Pentium III Mhz
256/512 MB RAM
400 Mb free hard disk space
SVGA color monitor (640 x 480 Min. Resolution)
Windows 98 SE or later
Barcode reader

Optional Hardware & Software

Initial Inventory Program
Data collector
Receipt printer
Electronic cash drawer
Cognitive label printer


If you have more than one person working in your store, you may find books in different sections. The UBIC System lets you assign each title one or two locations so no one is in doubt as to where the book belongs. You can also assign a Maximum number of copies you want maintained in the store. Through the UBIC System, you have literally empowered your employees with your knowledge assuring you that your employees will make the same decisions you would.
The UBIC System is easy and fun to operate and does not require a vast knowledge of computers or the book world to be successful. You can teach others to use it in minutes, enabling you to hire several part-time workers for less than the cost of one full time.

Customer List

The most valuable asset of any business is its customer list, and the more you know about them, the better you can serve them. In addition to address and phone number, the UBIC System tells you what they like to read, books they have requested. UBIC tracks the books they have purchased plus a history of their credit and cash purchases.  UBIC even lets you know if the customer has previously read a book they are about to purchase again.  All this information is at your fingertips. As you know, keeping in touch with your customers brings them back into your store and UBIC makes that easy with its customer address labels and customer reports.

Daily Report

The UBIC System prints a daily report which details the activity of all the books that have gone in and/or out, the books needed to be restocked, rentals due, how many new books have been sold and when the last copy of a new book has gone out for easy reordering. This vital information gives you a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your inventory, plus keeps your shelves up to date. Z-Out reports keep concise detailed information of inventory sales and credits.

Keyword Search

Not only can you search for books by author, title, or series, but UBIC lets you search for books by keywords. For instance, if a customer is not sure of the full title but knows a certain word is in it, you can search for it under that word.

Monthly Updates

Keeping an up-to-date database is imperative. This is efficiently handled by the UBIC System Monthly Update. Monthly updates are by subscription and are e-mailed the month before the publish date. The paperback update contains the titles being published in mass market paperback including series romance. The hardcover update includes hardcover fiction and graphic novels. The children's update includes pre-school to young adult both fiction and non-fiction.

New Books

The UBIC System is unique in that it contains information on new copies as well as used copies within the same record. When you sell a book, if there are new copies in stock, UBIC will ask you if it is a new copy and will adjust the inventory according to your answer.


If you have to depend on your memory, manual methods, or worse yet, running to check the shelves to decide if you need additional copies of a book, it often results in too many copies in the storeroom.
The UBIC System alerts you when you have reached the maximum, so refusing books is simple. Not only that, the customer does not feel insulted when you explain, the "the computer says we are overstocked."
The storeroom in most used bookstores is an area most try to avoid. Searching for a copy of one, "you know you have," can be an exercise in extreme frustration especially if someone else has already sold it. The UBIC System eliminates all this aggravation because it is tracking the quantities as the books go in and out.


Now you will no longer be  fooled by a republished copy of an old book that you have too many to begin with. Books are often republished with new covers, but unless you are familiar with the old one, you do not know it is an old title. The UBIC system displays the first date it was published in paperback or in some cases "REISSUE" is listed in the Comment field. The UBIC System makes you aware so you can make the decision of whether you want to add more to your inventory.
It is also a good selling tool for your customer when you point out that the book he just read is a reissue. If he has never read books by that author, you can share with him other old titles, which saves him money and moves old inventory off your shelves. You and the UBIC System demonstrate knowledge and savings to your customer 

Reserving Books

If a book is not in stock, you can reserve a copy for the customer and the system will alert you that the book has been reserved. The UBIC system never forgets. The advantages of this feature are far reaching.
Everyone knows what a good feeling it is to find a book you've been looking for. Imagine how your customers feel when you call them to come in for a book they want; you are bringing them back into your store when they were not even planning on it. Usually the customers will see something else to buy while they are there. You and the UBIC System have established a sense of personal service in the mind of your customer. They know the System is reliable and will, therefore, use it more often.


The UBIC System offers a rental program that enables you to rent books to customers and then keeps track of when they are due. Again, you are bringing your customers back into the store to return the rental, increasing your sales opportunities.