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Point-of-Sale Menu

Point-of-Sale Menu

Point-of-Sale is a combination of inventory control, sales, and customer reading and purchase information through Books In and Books Out.  Books are added to inventory and customer credit is calculated in Books In.  Other features include Voids, Refunds, Paid Out, X-Out, and Z-Out.

Key Benefits

  • No more checking shelves or giving credit for unnecessary inventory
  • No more adding on the calculator
  • No more cash register
  • Inventory is accurate and up to date
  • Customer credit and reading history is maintained
  • Sales breakdown
  • Pop-up reminder for books customer has previously read

Books In

Point-of-Sale Books In

  • Customer credit is calculated as books are added to inventory
  • Inventory and customer credit are updated when transaction is posted
  • NOTE:  You can have up to 8 different classifications of credit

Point-of-Sale - ISBN Search w/reserve & no used copies

  • Books on Reserve are flagged

Books Out

Point-of-Sale Books Out

  • Books Out applies the discount, subtracts credit, and applies sales tax with each item
  • Customer reading and credit history are updated at posting

Point-of-Sale - Post Out

  • Select type of sale transaction (Z-out will break down sale type)