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Utilities Menu

Use the Utilities Menu to set the defaults for point-of-sale, departments, and credit classifications.  Use also to perform maintenance and updates to the database and web exports.

Utilities Menu

System Settings

Utilites - System Setup General tab

Utilities  System Setup- Receipt/Message Tab

Utilities - System Setup - Config 1

Utilities - System Setup - Config 2

Utilities - System Setup - Security/Multi-User

  • System Settings lets you apply your "trade policy" to your default settings.  Individual items can be edited at point-of-sale.

Credit Classes

Utilities - Set Credit Classifications - Credit 1

Utilities - Set Credit Classifications - Config

  • Credit Classification lets you apply your "credit/trade policy" to your default settings.  Individual items can be edited at point-of-sale.


Utilities - Set Departments Depts 1-30

Utilities - Set Departments Config

  • Set Departments lets you breakdown your sales information, and specify overrides to your credit/trade policy based on the item's department.


Utilities - Configure Stored Coupons

  • Create pre-defined coupons to match your sales incentives.

Monthly Updates

Updates to the database are by subscription and are e-mailed each month.  The Paperback Update is mass market paperbacks being issued the following month, including series romance.  The Hardcover Update is hardcover and trade size fiction and graphic novels.  The Children's update is pre-school to young adult, fiction and non-fiction.

Title Source Import

Utilities - Title Source Upload

  • Search Title Source CD by ISBN, Author & Title then upload information to the main UBIC database.

i-Page Import

Utilities - i-Page Upload

  • Import information from Ingram's i-Page (create an i-Page List & download it)
  • Download an i-Page order
  • Upload a selected title to the main UBIC database.
  • Upload the complete list to the main UBIC database.

Web Export Settings

Utilities - Web Export Options

  • Select export criteria for a variety of web export sites.

Replace Fields

Replace field conditions

Replace Fields options

  • Globally replace information in your inventory database