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The UBIC System is simple to use because it asks you for the information it needs to perform. In most cases, this is a single key press.

  • To locate a record, UBIC will ask you for the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). The ISBN can be entered on the keyboard or by using a barcode reader to scan the EAN (the barcode located on the inside of the front cover). When the EAN is unavailable, the UBIC System provides the software necessary to print barcode labels on your printer.
  • If UBIC cannot locate the record, it is a simple task to add the information, thus creating a new record for the database. It will automatically index the new record so it can be found by ISBN, author, or title.
  • The UBIC System displays several message windows to alert you in making quick decisions when accepting books for trade such as, "YOUR ARE AT MAXIMUM LEVEL" or "NO USED COPIES IN STOCK." It also displays the message "THIS BOOK HAS BEEN RESERVED" so you know not to put it on the shelf. If you do not want to carry the book in your store, assigning "0" to the maximum value will display the message "DO NOT STOCK THIS TITLE" once there are "0" in stock.

Update Inventory

Update Inventory Screen

Through the use of single key-press menus, inventory is easily maintained


Search the database in a variety of ways:

Author - Browse in alphabetical author/title order

Update Inventory - Scan inventory author order

Title - View one record at a time or browse in title/author order

Update Inventory - Scan inventory title order

Look up series romance by  Series Name & Number

Update Inventory - Scan inventory series name & number

Keyword - Look for titles by a single word within the title

Update Inventory - Keyword search